Feb 20, 2018

In the African Bush, Kenya.

On this trip, I decided to volunteer with ‘Africa Impact’. I chose to do the Big Cat Wildlife Research and Conservation project. This was located in the Naboisho Conservancy which is a private conservancy adjacent to the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. It’s an authentically wild and untouched open space with a plethora of diverse wildlife.

One of the things that really attracted me to this project was that Naboisho has a very high density of lions, as it has an abundant number of animals that cats prey on. And, it’s very interesting to see how both predator and prey live among one another. If you’re there at the right time of the year, the annual migration passes through the Serengeti and Maasai Mara which is absolutely stunning to see!

I spent most of my time going out on research game drives three times a day with a Maasai guide and team member, where we’d collect data for conservancy management. This entailed monitoring animal groups such as lions, leopard’s cheetahs, buffalo, wildebeests, antelope and zebras, which we tracked with digital view finders and compasses. The data recorded is vital information needed about the animal’s livelihood and well-being, and helps conservation management determine which animals are present and thriving on the conservancy.

After returning to camp at the end of each day, we’d then upload this information into the computer system for the management team to analyze. The purpose of this data collection helps protect these endangered predators and prey, which then contributes to the conservation. This helps ensure which ensure that future generations understand the importance of wildlife conservation.

‘Africa Impact’ says they believe in Africa and all that this inspiring continent can offer the world. They believe that we can create tangible positive impacts and change the world… and I agree.

Enjoy the video!