The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Experience

Dec 20, 2017

In this video, you’ll encounter some of the most precious baby orphaned elephants that have thankfully been saved from a tragic situation, and are being cared for by the infamous David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

One of the focus/programs of the trust is the protection of elephants, rhinos and other wildlife at a field level. The trust has rescued countless African animals, from elephants to antelopes.

All animals have a right to be free, to roam wild, and to be safe in their surroundings. The trust believes, as do I, we as humans have a responsibility to afford them that right and challenge those that would seek to take it away or harm them (all animals everywhere).

The work and conservation that’s being done here is lifesaving. The employees/guides are incredibly dedicated and heroic and are truly making a difference.

See for yourself, how these amazing baby orphaned elephants are deeply loved, nurtured and cared for 24/7 from those all around them. Each elephant will eventually be ready to go back into the wild where they belong.