ME to WE trip Kenya

Jan 27, 2019

I created this video whilst volunteering in Kenya with the company called ME to WE. They truly are a global force for good!

ME to WE provide two levels of benefits to support the work of WE Charity. Firstly, ME to WE create employment and economic empowerment for over 2,000 people in WE Village communities around the world, including via artisanal and Fairtrade products and global service trips. This is critical to the WE Villages pillar of Economic Opportunity, and enables WE Charity to achieve economically sustainable development in countries around the world. Secondly, ME to WE’s charter requires that it donates a minimum of 50 percent of its profits annually to WE Charity.

ME to WE runs volunteer trips to a number of developing countries around the world, such as Kenya, Ecuador and India. This social enterprise promotes a model of “purposeful” travel, with partial profits from trips going to support international development projects such as school buildings and sustainable water projects.

As a volunteer with ME to WE in Kenya, I got to see some of the schools, a hospital, new buildings, spend time with community members, and witness how the community villages were being developed and updated into more of an advanced economic opportunity for the villagers.

This trip gave me the opportunity to help with the construction of schools and water wells, and work side-by-side with local women as they collected water, cared for livestock, and cooked for their families.

This was an extremely eye-opening experience. I was able to better understand and get a real feel of the Maasai people’s lifestyle as I had many chances to communicate and spend time with them, and I got to know some extremely empowering people in process!