Apr 9, 2018

Cruising in the Delta.

As I found out, Botswana is indeed a totally unique travel destination in Africa. A place that had been on the top of my bucket list ever since I first found out and became obsessed with Filmmaker/Conservationist team; Derek and Beverly Joubert; extraordinary people: game changers.
I was in the Okavango Delta region which is the biggest inland delta in the world. It’s incredibly remote, genuine and wild. This lush reserve is kind of like being in the opening ten minutes of the Lion King as there’s such a jaw dropping array of animals to see!
I started out in the Jao Concession which is situated on a small island deep inside the Delta. The water acts as it’s roads so you cruise around on boats and ‘mokoros’ (a dugout canoe) where you’re able to see a large diversity of wildlife all along the banks like, hippos and elephants.

After spending a few epic days there, I then moved on to Chitabe Lediba, which is a place that’s on an elevated island within the Chitabe Reserve (south of the Delta). It’s in a much dryer area, so walking through the bush is an option, but it depends on which season you go in. And of course, there’s a plethora of animals around like antelopes, African wild dogs and lions etc.

My last stop was the Savuti Camp which is situated in the private Linyanti Concession along the Savute Channel. This area has one of the densest dry-season concentrations of elephants in Africa and they’re practically right in front of you so you’ll will most likely be stomped on you if you get too close to their watering hole so watch out!

Here’s a- birds- eye view of my trip.