Maasai Mara Conservancy, Kenya

Oct 29, 2018

What an experience it was to be able to spend time with community members of the Maasai Mara Tribe who live in the Maasai Mara Conservancy in Kenya.  A very interesting and unique culture.

It was fascinating to immerse myself and experience what daily life is like for them. The process of how they gather vegetables and herbs to prepare food, the daily ritual woman and children endure of travelling long distances to collect water for cooking, bathing and cleaning. The evening chores of gathering and safe-guarding the cattle back to their enclosed bomos’, away from their predators. The schooling of the children, a single solar powered bulb to light each individual home; homes that are still made from dung and water. And lastly, the evening story telling told by the maasai men seated by a roaring fire. Men who have endured and overcome such danger as they triumphed into true Warriors.

Lasting memories….